Undergo 4 plastic surgeries

50-year-old woman is now looking like 20 years old girl

19 Nov 2018, 16:15

NTV Online
Photo: Collected

Recently, on the China social networking sites, people are alternately sharing the story of a female dance teacher imagine before and after her 4th plastic surgery. The story has received the attention of so many people.

It is known that this woman name Li Jiao is a dance teacher. Although her real age is 50 years old, but her appearance looks like 30 years old. Li Gaia is the typical type of beauty "created" by plastic surgery technology; she is also a regular customer of aesthetic hospital.

Li Gaia has a height of 1.68m; weight 59kg, balanced body shape, white skin, basically based on these points no one can guess her real age. In addition, Li Gaia also dressed up stylish, nose piercing, sparkling earrings glitter, this makes people easily mistaken that she is only 30 years old.

Li Gaia shared her before plastic surgery look, she often being talked behind her back while on the street because of her appearance, someone would say: "Far way is a  flower, but come closer is a wrinkle old lady."

For such comments, she felt insecure. "My job is a dance teacher, appearance is very important to me, very very important." So she was determined to do plastic surgery.

She remembered her very first visit to the aesthetic hospital, for fear that her husband would be angry, and before leaving she leaves the note with the words: "If you want to divorce, i will still go to the hospital to have my face tightening ".

As expected, that night she came back home, her husband was extremely angry but in spite of arguing the two are still not divorced. But to Li, who said after the facial skin, she almost became addicted to plastic surgery.

Until now, Ms. Li Jiao has undergone 40 cosmetic surgeries during the past four years. She always has to be careful when she moves or else her face or chin will change its shape.

Although she is much more beautiful than her real age, she also has sadly admitted   that her husband also felt her face is so young compared to her age 50 so he did not dare not being close to her even kissing her.

Li Jiao has spent a great deal of money on a series of cosmetic surgeries. Currently, she has spent about $15000 on it.