Having filler injection to breast, woman gets necrosis in one side of her breast

18 Nov 2018, 13:31

NTV Online
Having filler injection to breast, woman gets necrosis in one side of her breast. Photo: Collected

Having a full breast is a desire of many women, so the demand for cosmetic surgery to enhance the breast is increasingly popular. Although there have been endless warnings, many women still come to unreliable beauty spas and then “suffer from” serious results. 

A few days ago, Duc Giang Hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam received a female patient who was hospitalized with necrosis on one side of the chest due to filler injection to enhance breast at a beauty spa.

The female patient, 26 years old, who comes from Ha Tinh province, is working as a worker. She was hospitalized with a high fever for 2 weeks after injecting a filler into the chest at a beauty spa.

It is known that 4 hours after the injection, the girl had a high fever and had to return to the spa for injection to remove the chemicals in her breast. However, high fever lasting caused her to be hospitalized.

According to the doctor of hospital, currently, the girl’s chest is red and the skin may be necrotic, reports the

Fluid may melt. In the long run, these substances will be excreted through the skin so the skin will be necrosis.  The doctor also said the cause of breast necrosis was presumed the the staff at beauty spa didn’t sterilize the patient when injecting filler.

In order to solve this problem, the patient has to be treated for a long time. The first step is to remove the strange substance from the girl’s breast and then take antibiotics because the infection is easy to relapse. If she wants to get rid of necrosis, she must cut off the entire breast.