What this Florida man does to avoid swarm of lovebugs is hysterical

20 May 2019, 09:15 | updated: 20 May 2019, 09:16

NTV Online

As massive swarms of lovebugs plague Florida residents during mating season, one man is dealing with the invasion in a hilarious way.

A video posted on social media by Devirus Pollard, who goes by ‘Devi Dev’, shows him dodging the irritating insects while trying to enter his front door, reports

The Palm Bay local can be seen busting out semi-acrobatic moves like in the movie ‘The Matrix’ while the bugs buzz around him.

He tries to punch and kick his way into the house and bends over backwards like Keanu Reeves’ character Neo does in the 1999 film to evade a hail of bullets.

Pollard can be heard grunting with frustration.

The clip, captioned ‘this lovebug season got me like...’, has been viewed nearly three million times since Pollard posted it on Facebook last week.

Many Floridians can empathize with his battle against the insects, which swarm the Sunshine State during their mating season in May and again in September.

Locals are calling it the worst invasion ever.

Despite their cute name, which comes from lovebugs flying around in mating pairs, they are a nuisance pest. 

Attracted by the heat of asphalt and vehicle fumes on highways, the swarms madden motorists as their guts and eggs splatter on windshields and hoods.

Although they are harmless to humans, they fly into joggers’ mouths, get caught in people’s hair and force outdoor restaurants to close.

Their carcasses speckle homes, businesses and sidewalks.   

Lovebugs are an invasive species that first showed up in Florida from Central America in 1949, according to the University of Florida.

They feel at home in the state’s warm, moist climate. 

The insects are from the same family as flies and live only up to four days.

The university disputes the urban myth that its researchers first brought the bugs to Florida and they escaped.