Watch: Sneaky snake bites man's face as he tries to enter friend's house

09 May 2019, 15:21

NTV Online

A doorbell camera captured the shocking moment when a man attempting to enter an Oklahoma home was attacked by a concealed snake.

The video, posted to Facebook Tuesday by Marshawn Copeland, showed a family friend approaching Copeland's father's home in Lawton, Okla, reports

As the visitor opened the screen door, a large snake suddenly popped into the frame and appeared to nip him on the face.

He ran into the home shouting, as the snake retreated.

Copeland told KOCO 5 it was a bullsnake, which is not venomous, and the man is doing fine.

The snake, however, was not so lucky.

Other videos posted to Facebook by Copeland show a neighbor beat the serpent to death with hammers.