To get ‘perfect’ proposal picture, what this woman did has netizens LoL-ing

08 Nov 2018, 10:25

NTV Online

A woman in Melbourne found herself in an odd situation when her boyfriend got down on his knee to propose marriage. It wasn’t because she was unsure of marrying him but the fact that she had not got her nails done.

Thankfully, her cousin Jenna came to her rescue and offered her immaculately painted nails to flaunt the engagement ring. She later tweeted about the incident and wrote, “My cousin’s boyfriend proposed to her but she didn’t have her nails done lmao.”

Retweeted over one lakh times at the time of writing, the picture went viral with many were left quite amused by the incident. While the first picture of the tweet shows the couple along with the ring, the second brings out the real story, reports

The picture created quite a buzz on social media. Many pointed out that they were not able to spot any faults in the first picture when they saw it. However, the second picture clearly gives it all away. Here are some of the reactions the viral tweet garnered: