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You need to drink more water during Ramadan

10 May 2019, 22:07

NTV Online
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Ramadan has officially begun, with Muslims all over the world currently engaging in the practice of fasting during this Islamic calendar month.

Over the course of the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, Muslims of able body and mind who fast for Ramadan will not be allowed to eat, drink, smoke or have sex from sunrise until the sun sets.

For non-practitioners, this often raises the question: What about water? Are you allowed to drink water during Ramadan?

No, during the fasting daylight hours, practicing Muslims are not permitted to consume water.

Instead, it’s recommended that anyone fasting drink as much water as possible in the early morning to ward off thirst during the day. If you were to willingly eat or drink anything during the day, the fast would be considered invalid.

The fast would also be rendered invalid if you were to have sex or to make yourself vomit during daylight hours as well.

However, if you have your period during Ramadan, are a child, or are not of sound mind, then you are exempt from the fast. If you have missed some of the fast due to your period, you’re encouraged to make up the time as soon as your period ends.