Country’s first patient-focused app ‘Patient Aid’ opens

03 Jan 2019, 12:03 | updated: 03 Jan 2019, 12:08

NTV Online

Local software company ITmedicus has brought a patient-focused app named ‘Patient Aid’. Bringing in 3 years of experience in medical app development it has made the Patient Aid. It gives solutions that allow systematic care and all kind of information that a Patient need. With this app, patient can get information about drug, reaction of drug, doctors’ information, appointment process, ambulance service etc, said a press release.

Patient Aid is backed with the most trusted, accurate, and up-to-date medicine and healthcare data source for general public and patients from the house of ITmedicus. This app is dedicated to help you find complete and detail information about Medicines, Diseases, Health Tips, Doctor and Hospital Directory, Doctor’s Finder, Medicine Reminder, Medicine Cost Calculator and many more at the ease of your fingertips.


– FAST MEDICINE SEARCH – Complete medicine listings with fast search and quick access to a huge medicine database both in English & Bangla. The most comprehensive database of medicine information available for different medicine brands including the generic name, form, strength, company and price.

– MEDICINE DETAILS – Provides you with easy language the concise but pertinent information such as Uses, Side Effects, Warnings on all the common prescribed medicines.

– MEDICINE REMINDER & COST CALCULATOR- Do you keep forgetting your daily medicines? Now never forget to take them. Keeps remind you when medication needs to be taken. Taking medicine will be much easier now! Add your medications to Keep track of all the prescribed medication that you take.
Medicine price calculator can be very useful to calculate your daily, weekly or monthly expenditure on different medicine costs.

– DOCOTR SELECTOR – Don’t understand which Doctor to visit? No worries now. Just take help from this doctor selector feature. This will help you to find appropriate doctor for your specific problems.

– CHAMBER DETAILS & APPOINTMENT – Find the specialist doctor’s chamber details in your area & call instantly for an appointment.

– DIRECTORY – Find the nearest doctor, hospital, ambulance & pharmacy. Gives you quick access to an extensive healthcare & medical database in your pocket.

– HEALTH TIPS – Provides you most comprehensive and medically reviewed health & awareness tips for healthy life from authentic medical sources. Clear, concise, and useful healthcare information of all major health conditions and diseases in both Bangla & English. Your quick handy guide for emergency medical first aid.

– BOOKMARK– There is a bookmark option where you can bookmark you favorite doctor, hospital, diagnosis centre etc.

For downloading this app you can visit