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Kazi Riton wants to take drama to new level

26 Oct 2019, 13:43

NTV Online
Producer Kazi Riton. Photo : Collected

In the entertainment industry, usually the news of those people is published in the media, who remain in the front of the silver screen. But the producers, through whose sincerity and investment these programmes come into the screen, remain unknown to most of us.

However, they play the vital role in creating big media stars. Most of these producers are more interested about displaying creativity, rather than making profits. Some of them express creativity through their produced programmes. Kazi Riton is one of such producers. With his production company Black & White, he has reputation as a talented and quality producer.

Kazi Riton has been producing various programmes for a long time now. Today (Saturday) at 8:00pm, a drama titled ‘Bibaho Songkot’ produced by Kazi Riton is going to be broadcast on RTV. Directed by Ruman Rumi and written by Sumon Anwar, the casting of this drama includes Dr. Enamul Haque, Shajal, Urmila, and many others.

Kazi Riton said, ‘Doing business is not my sole objective. I want to take the drama to a new level.’