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Film is my religion, actor Dev realises

10 May 2019, 16:47

NTV Online
Photo: Collected

Kolkata: Kolkata film actor Deepak Adhikari (Dev) on Friday uploaded a photo on his official Facebook page and narrated a small story regarding his philosophy on various religions.

Dev wrote, ‘From the wee hour of my life, I have learned from my parents that no one religion is great over the other ones.

From my childhood, I have been celebrating Durga Puja, Christmas and Eid. When I grew up I have realised that my religion is film.’

‘However, it’s not a big deal. Faith is own business of individuals. I have never seen a difference between the separate religions.

Every kids take birth from the womb of mother and they all have red blood. So I beleave in ‘Humanism’, Dev said.   

‘I don’t slam people who can tag me as a Muslim or Hindu. My religion is Humanism, he added.