Aamir Khan to play Krishna in Mahabharata, Shah Rukh Khan confirms

22 Dec 2018, 09:00

NTV Online

Till earlier this year, Mahabharata was said to be in the planning-ideating stage. It was considered to be Aamir Khan’s ‘dream’ project and was reported to be made on a whopping budget of Rs. 1,000 Crore. It was also being said that the actor is planning to release the magnum opus in a seven-part web-series.

Later, reports stated that the 53-year-old superstar was ‘seriously reconsidering’ his decision to adapt Mahabharata on the big screen since ‘doing history or mythology has become very, very tricky.’

However, putting all speculations to rest, Bollywood superstar and Aamir’s close friend Shah Rukh Khan recently confirmed that Aamir has indeed acquired the rights of ‘Mahabharata’ and that he will be playing Krishna in it. During an exclusive chat with DNA, when asked to pick from a list of roles that he might like to take up in future, Shah Rukh instantly reacted to the option ‘Krishna from Mahabharata’ saying, ‘Krishna from Mahabharata has already been taken by Aamir so I will not be able to do that.’

Watch Shah Rukh Khan’s full interview here:

Last year, Aamir Khan announced that he wants to adapt the Mahabharata on the big screen and that he may play the role of Karan or Krishna in the proposed seven-part series. The topic resurfaced recently when it was reported that the project will be co-produced by Reliance headhoncho Mukesh Ambani, reports

Aamir was supposed to be a part of ‘Saare Jahaan Se Achha’, which is based on Indian astronaut Rakesh Sharma, but he backed out of the film and instead convinced his good friend Shah Rukh to take up the project on his behalf.

Writer Anjum Rajabali confirmed Aamir’s ouster saying, ‘Frankly, I was very keen that Aamir should do the film. He liked the script, we discussed it a lot and we had a lot of hopes about it. Unfortunately, Aamir is consumed with a larger sort of project called Mahabharat.’