Some Do’s and Don’ts while travelling Bangladesh

09 Dec 2017, 16:26 | updated: 09 Dec 2017, 16:33

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Bangladesh is a land of mysterious beauty. The country has a plenty of surprizes for the visitors from the home and outdoor. A visitor can think that Bangladesh is synonymous to beauty and adventure.

A tourist could easily be astonished after seeing the country’s unique tourist spots and different fascinating cultures.

Visiting the country’s sea beach, forest and hilly areas could be the best experience for the travel loving people.

As a forgiven national you can keep in mind that a tour in Bangladesh will be the most sensational tour you have ever done.

While travelling to Bangladesh you should remember some Dos and Don’ts also. They are given below.


Some Do’s:

Pay respect to locals: By birth, people here learn that the elderly people should get respect from others. While visiting Bangladesh, you should respect to the local people especially old ones.
Use right hand to give and take: Using left hand to give and take is quite awkward here. People here use right hand to give and take something. So should practice it in Bangladesh.

Maintain local dress code: Dress is a symbol of a nation and represent the culture. And Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country. You here should follow the dress code.

Be polite to elders: Along with the respect to local people you should be polite when behave with elderly people. When you meet elderly people here you have to react politely.

Do bargaining while riding on rickshaw: There is no fixed fare on riding rickshaw. So ride on rickshaw and private vehicles after bargaining the fare.

Do bargaining while buying things: There are some super shops where you can buy products in fixed price but not in all the shops. If you want to buy something then do bargaining the price except the fixed price shops. 

Ask for cell phone from a local in case you are in trouble: If you face any trouble do ask for cell phone from the locals.

Drink bottle water only: Drink only bottled water here to keep yourself fit and hydrate.  Otherwise you may fall sick.

Always take off your shoes while visiting mosque and temple: Taking off the shoes while visiting mosque and temple is a strict rule. It is a religious practice here. And you have to follow it.

Keep a map of Bangladesh: Keep a map of Bangladesh while visiting everywhere. It will help you to find your location effortlessly.

Keep phone number of respective police station: Keeping phone number of respective police station will be helpful if needed. If you fall in trouble than call the respective police station.

Do eat out, but be careful: Almost all the street foods are safe here. But you should remain cautious for your betterment. Otherwise you may fall ill.



Do not be scared when people are staring at you just stare back. You here will find people very friendly. People here think the tourists are our guests. So do not react with them harshly.

Do not leave your passport anywhere, keep it always with you. It could be dangerous for you if you lose it. Here you have to remain very careful and keep the passport and other essential papers with you.

Do not underestimate the locals. People here think the tourists are the guests. They respect the tourists and you should do it. Do not sound underestimating the local people. People here very good if you behave politely.

Do not use your left hand to pay anyone or to give anything. People here never use the left hand to give and take somethings from the other people. People here think using left hand is a disrespectful behaviour. So you have to follow the practice.

Do not take alcohol in public. Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country. People here do not accept taking alcohol in public place. When you will make a trip in Bangladesh you will not be allowed taking it in public place. 

Do not smoke in public (women particularly). There is no culture of smoking in public place by women. And by the years people are habituated in this practice. If you are a woman tourist, you should follow the rule.

Do not kiss in public place. Kissing in public place is forbidden in Bangladesh. It is an offensive act here. People in the country do not allow it. It is a very private activity. So you have to follow the rule.

Do not hold women's hands. Holding the hands women in public is forbidden here. You only can hold the hand of family members and friends. Here you cannot hold the hands of unknown women.

Do not use slang. It is also a disturbing behaviour. While talking to anyone you have to remain careful about your words. 

Do not visit tourist spots at late night. It is a rule here not to visit tourist spots at late night. Because people here do not allow the late night visit.

Do not take photo of someone without taking permission. It is a common practice all over the world. In Bangladesh you will not be allowed to take a photograph without his or her permission.