Let’s Go Beyond

31 Dec 2018, 01:59

Ummeh Habiba Faria Bentah Rahman

Hvordanhar du detfolkene? Bra? Okay, no Norwegian? Let’s make it readable for internationals. I am Faria from Bangladesh, an international graduate in Norway. Since my childhood, I grew up with a passion of going beyond something. It was with everything which common people do in common way. I do follow the common way too but certainly with something extra. I am an ordinary girl from Bangladesh with some extraordinary dreams! I have flown approximately 4538 miles back from my home land to give a platform to my dream here in Norway. 

Being established in abroad was one of my most desired dreams and hopefully, I have succeeded the initial step of it by being a fresh graduate from Norwegian University of Science & Technology (Ålesund). However, being a single Muslim girl, it was not easy to fly and stay alone here in abroad but the support of my family has been awesome which had built a strong base for the completion of my dreams.

As I have already said that going beyond of something is one of my passions so, I have not chosen any bigger or renowned cities of the world like most of the sophomores do. I have flew to a small town of Norway and started from absolute ‘zero’. It needed a lot of courage though (phew)!

Well, undoubtedly, the starting was with a cultural shock and pretty much it is similar for all those South Asian internationals travelling in Europe and to be honest, the weather adoption was the real challenge. But gradually, it became so much ‘used to’ that sometimes I wonder, ‘Am I a Viking?’, ha ha ha ha.

Cost of living has been pretty much high in all over Norway but in Ålesund, it is higher compared to the capital. Living a financial solvent life is tough for full time students without having any part time job but I have passed this period more or less in a smooth way as I have always had a strong support from my family back in my home.  But I did work with a Norwegian cultural company over here for a year. Honestly, I had a great experience, folks. A lot to learn about a totally different culture, my good Lord!

Following with study pressure, language was a strong barrier but I have also overcome that by learning basic Norwegian offered from NTNU Ålesund to all the internationals. At the beginning, I have been worried about the grades of my studies but soon, got the track of ‘Studying Smart’ rather ‘Studying Hard’. The professors here are the finest in cooperation and have helped me benevolently to reach my graduation goal. In few of my courses, I have gone actually far beyond by introducing innovative ideas because being regular is pretty boring, isn’t it? Ha ha ha ha. Well, professors did appreciate as too. Now, let’s have a little ‘chit chat’ about the folk I have met over here in this small town of Norway. Hey, am I letting the town down by tagging it ‘small’? If yes then let me disclose that Ålesund is the biggest sea port of Norway having the biggest county named, MøreogRomsdal. I have met some really nice people over here who have been my friends and family when I was actually far away from my real family back home. Amazing experience was that.

Finally, now I am a fresh graduate from a country with language barrier, Bengali minority, far from South Asia, weather unfriendliness and all other challenges. Now, stepping forward for some new challenges and I have enough confidence on me that I can get over all the obstacles and get success. Folk, honestly, let’s go beyond, let’s think something out of the box. Jaellernei, oops! I mean yes or no? All those people who are reading this especially girls from South Asia, good luck if any of you have a dream like me, believe in yourself and just carry on, you will get it anyhow.

The writer has graduated from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)