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Writing a book is very tough: Manisha Koirala

12 Nov 2018, 12:10 | updated: 12 Nov 2018, 12:17

Nice Noor
Indian actress Manisha Koirala. Photo: NTV

Indian actress Manisha Koirala has appeared in over fifty movies mostly Hindi and some Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali films. For the first time she has written a book. Titled ‘Healed’, the book will be available in South Asia from January 2019.  She attended Dhaka Lit Fest 2018. In the sessions of the fest Manisha talked about her career and new book. She talked to Nice Noor, a journalist at NTV Online, about the event. Here is the excerpt from the interview:

Welcome to Dhaka

Manisha Koirala:  Thank you. 

You are a successful actress. What inspires you to write?

Manisha Koirala: Basically I read a lot of books during my cancer treatment time. It was a crises period of my life. That time I got inspired to write up a book. 

Which things you mainly focus in your book?

Manisha Koirala: In the book I talk about my recovering process (from cancer). I have been declared cancer-free since last six years. I believe human beings are able to pass good quality of life even in their crises period and they should be able to say that ‘Oh! I have a great life’. In the book I am trying to write about my struggle and I narrated myself as well. I’m hoping the readers would get benefitted from it and they would understand how to fight against the odds and how to have patience during crisis moments in life.  

Do you have any plan to write a book again?   

Manisha Koirala: It’s my first attempt. If everyone loves it, probably I will write again.  See, audience love me as an actor and I’m hoping that readers would love me as a writer. Hopefully that will inspire me writing in future.  

Is it challenging to you?

Manisha Koirala:  Yes, writing a book is very tough.

Is there any chance ‘Healed’ would turn into a film script?

Manisha Koirala:  Maybe or maybe not. The book deals with a short part of my life not my entire life.