Budget implication: Prices up and down

07 Jun 2018, 20:16 | updated: 07 Jun 2018, 20:48

NTV Online

Dhaka: With the announcement of proposed budget for new fiscal year, a number of products are expected to see fluctuation in prices both upward and downward.


Prices of products and services which may go up include: e-commerce, online shopping, coffee, green tea, sugar confectionary, imported mobile and other battery charger, UPS/IPS (capacity up to 2,000 VA), voltage stabiliser (capacity up to 2,000 VA), automatic circuit breakers, lamp-holders, used/old vehicle and bicycle, energy drinks, cosmetics and beauty product items like lipstick, nail polish, body lotion, toiletries, perfumes (except attar), body sprays and similar items, cigarette and bidi, bathtubs, zacuji and shower trays, polythene and plastic bags, small size flat, furniture and garment products will increase.


On the other hand prices of product and services which are expected to decrease include: school bus, medium sized flat, raw material of active pharmaceutical ingredient, refrigerator, air-conditioner and compressor, locally assembled cellular phone, hybrid motor car, raw material of motorcycle, tyre and tube, software, ball point pen, filled milk powder, bread, buns, handmade biscuits and handmade cakes up to Tk 100 per kg, Erythropoietin, medical treatment required for cancer and kidney diseases, sandals and slippers.