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‘Mugger’ killed in Noakhali lynch-mob attack

13 Feb 2015, 10:09 | updated: 13 Feb 2015, 10:12


Noakhali: A suspected mugger was killed and another injured in a lynch-mob attack at Banderhat Karimpur in sadar uapzila in the early hours of Friday.

The deceased is Nishan, 32, a resident of the district town.

Local people said two people hired a utility vehicle for going to Khalifarhat after reaching Datterbari by a night coach from Dhaka at about 3.00am.

When the human hauler reached the Datterbari-Odarhaat Road in the area, the driver suddenly stopped the vehicle.

At one stage, three muggers came on another utility vehicle, swooped on them and stabbed them indiscriminately in a bid to loot valuables from them.

Hearing screams for help, local people rushed in and caught Nishan and the human hauler driver, Mainuddin, while their other associates managed to flee.

Later a mob gave the duo a good beating, leaving Nishan dead on the spot and Mainuddin injured.

The injured human hauler passengers were rushed to Noakhali General Hospital.