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President feels unusual at hearing slogans

08 May 2017, 20:47

NTV Online

Expressing his lament over not hearing slogans anymore, President Abdul Hamid on Monday said people nowadays do not chant slogans on his arrival and that is why he feels unusual he hears them.

‘Now slogan is not chanted for me because I am a neutral one. I am now above party and opinion. So, this (slogan) is new…I feel unusual,’ he said at the onset of his speech at a function arranged at Potisar in Naogaon marking the 156th birth anniversary of Noble Laurate Rabindranath Tagore.

Audiences chanted ‘Joy Bangla’ slogan when the President was climbing the stage of the function on Monday afternoon, reports UNB.

Just before reading out his written-speech, he said: ‘I have become the President four years ago. Before that, I was the Speaker, which was also a neutral position.’

Hamid said he had ‘party colour’ when he was deputy speaker and deputy opposition leader, adding that he does not know why MPs always wanted to see him in neutral positions.      

He said local MP Israfil Alam did not invite me in the past to visit Potisar, but when he was visiting the locality, he could not mix with local people.

‘I do not know why he (Israfil) did not invite me in the past, but he was brought to the USA and I gave him a scope to address in a place where (former US President) Abraham Lincoln addressed. But he (Israfil) did not bring me in his Potisar.’

Indicating Textile and Jute Minister Md Emaz Uddin Pramanik who was present at the stage, the President said: ‘I have a long relation with him (the minister), but he also did not invite me. 

‘But I was nearby Potisar. Rajshahi jail was not so far from here. I was in jail for seven months with former Awami League general secretary Mohammad Abdul Jalil.’

Hamid said if he is invited after the tenure of current position, he will visit Potisar to mix with local people.