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Sand-laden vessel sinks in Passhur Channel

24 Jan 2019, 11:39

NTV Online

Bagerhat: A sand-laden bulkhead drowned following impact with another vessel in the Passhur Channel on Wednesday morning.

Mongla Port Vessel Labour Federation Central Committee President Baharul Islam said the 14,000-foot sand-carrying bulkhead MV Zubayr was going to Khulna from Sunamganj when it reached the area in the morning and dropped anchor. At some point its anchor became untethered and MV Zubayr drifted to hit another vessel, resulting in the bulkhead drowning in the channel.

Nine crew members on board at the time managed to swim safely to the river bank, Baharul informed.

Soon after the vessel drowned, Mongla Port Harbour officials informed the owner to salvage the vessel as soon as possible, said Port Master Commander Durul Huda.