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Farmer unearths snake pit beneath his hay-stack in Sherpur

19 May 2018, 21:14

NTV Online

Sherpur: 73 baby Cobras and 50 Cobra eggs were recovered from the field of a farmer of Kamardaho village under Kakilakura union of Sribaradi.

Locals recovered those from Wednesday noon to Saturday morning from the yard of Ibrahim Miya of the village but they did not find any mature snake in the area, reports the UNB.

All the same, the discovery spread terror in the area.

Locals said on Wednesday noon, Ibrahim and some local youth found something mysterious under the hay pile in their yard and came across some baby cobras and the eggs.

They recovered 56 baby cobras and 50 eggs on Wednesday, eight baby Cobras on Thursday and nine more on Friday and Saturday.

Locals killed the snakes and destroyed the eggs.

The Union Porishad Member Sohag Miya said the locals were afraid about the incident.