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30 fishermen jailed for catching hilsa in Faridpur

13 Oct 2017, 14:03

NTV Online

Fairdpur: Three mobile courts sentenced 30 fishermen to 10-day imprisonment each for catching hilsa in River Padma defying the ongoing government ban.

The drives were conducted in Nasirpur, Munshirchar of Sadarpur upazila, Akutter Char, Char Hazar Bigha in Charbhadrashan upazila and Dicrir Char and Northchannel Chair in Sadar upazila from Thursday evening till Friday morning.

A mobile court led by executive magistrate Sajal Chandra Sheel conducted a drive along the River Padma in Charbhadrashan upazila and sentenced 13 fishermen to 10-day jail each for catching hilsa fish.

Besides, another mobile court led by executive magistrate Mukul Kumar Moitra, conducted a drive in Sadar upazila and awarded them jail term for the same reason.

Meanwhile, Hasan Hafizur Rahman, another mobile court conducted a drive in Sadarpur upazila and sentenced nine fishermen to 10-day jail.

During the drived, the mobile courts also seized 160 kgs of hilsha and one lakh metre current nets.

The government has imposed a ban on catching, selling, transportation and hoarding of hilsa from October 1 to October 22.