‘Jamai Bazaar’ in Manirampur livens up on Bijoya Dashami

21 Oct 2018, 12:42

NTV Online
People gather in huge numbers at 'Jamai Bazaar' located on the field of Pratapkati High School of Manirampur, Jessore. Photo: UNB

Jashore: Like previous years, traditional fish market ‘Jamai Bazaar’ in Manirampur upazila attracted thousands of spectators who thronged at the market to buy fishes for taking to their in-laws’ houses on the occasion of Bijoya Dashami on Friday.

Jamai Bazaar is a traditional fish market set up at the field of Pratapkati High School in Dhakuria Bazaar area during the Durga Puja, the biggest religious festival of the Hindu community in the country, reports the UNB.

For more than 150 years, this ritual is being performed by local grooms, according to the elder people of the area. Grooms visit their in-laws’ house after buying fishes from this market.

The temporary market sits around 3 pm and continues till 11 pm where fish traders gather with a diverse collection of fishes, not only of different sizes but in large quantity.

Tapash Kundu, Principal of Dhakuria College, said the Jamai Bazaar’is a customary place for local grooms to buy fishes for their in-laws.

This year, around 1000 mounds of fishes were traded in the market, according to the locals.

The entire area becomes festive centring the Jamai Bazaar, said Ershad Ali Sardar, a former union parishad chairman.