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Anannya Prokashoni unveils Hanif Sanket’s new book ‘Bisshasher e Nisshas Nai’

12 Feb 2019, 11:32

Celebrated media personality Hanif Sanket often writes to various newspapers. Last year he wrote on various contemporary issues in some of the leading dailies of the country. Anannya Prokashoni has compiled them into a book. Titled as ‘Bisshasher e nisshas nai’, the book is now available for purchase at the Ekushey Book Fair.

Cover illustration of the book is done by Dhruba Esh. Hanif Sanket already has thirty two books to his credit. While talking about his fascination for writing, the veteran host of popular magazine show ‘Ityadi’ says, ‘I started my media career through writing on various newspapers and journals. I used to write at The Daily Ittefaq’s ‘Kochi Kachar Mela’, Kishore Bangla and Purbodesh’s ‘Chader Haat’. Nowadays I do not get much times as I am preoccupied with ‘Ityadi’. However I try to make sure that at least one of my book comes out at the Ekushey Book Fair every year.’

When asked about the contents of this new book, Hanif Sanket explains, ‘Breathing is very important for us to survive. Similarly we also need to believe in the people around us in order to survive as we are living in a society. In general people tend to be optimistic and believe in their state of affairs, family affairs, cultural affairs, et al. But when we see this age old optimisms are crushed due to regular inconsistencies around us, we start getting pessimistic. We lose the breathing space and we feel there is no reason for us to get optimistic. This book talks about such inconsistencies and that’s why I’ve named it ‘Bisshasher e nisshas nai’.